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We both would definitely recommend her to any other person Buyer • New York City

“Sindi Schorr was assigned as our relocation agent for our international transfer from Malta to NYC. As you might well know moving from such a small land to NYC is an overwhelming step and in the absence of the proper resources to make the transition one would surely break down. However that certainly was not the case with us! We had the pleasure of working with Sindi previously on our six month stint and she had done a marvelous job back then in connecting us with all the vital services we needed such as setting up a bank account and getting our social security. In this transfer we appreciated her services even more as we needed to find permanent housing. Needless to say Sindi proved to be a tremendous asset as Clive and myself definitely did not know where or even how to begin our house hunting experience. Sindi made our house hunting experience a great one as we managed to find the house we wanted in a day! She demonstrated utmost professionalism by ensuring we were prequalified for apartments we had stumbled upon in our initial search! She asked the right questions to the leasing agent, questions which we certainly would not have come up had we done it alone and also kept helping us make the right choice by offering us follow-up emails and advice. She also found plenty of time for us to take us around and help us with other errands such as opening a bank account and signing up for prepaid mobile. She provided exceptional service overall! Four weeks later we are now living in a beautiful apartment thanks to Sindi's help. Further to this she still checks on us to see how everything is going which is something we greatly appreciate! We both would definitely recommend her to any other person who is seeking to make such a big transition and would require the services of a relocation agent!” Read More ▾
Sindi Schorr Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, CRP

VERY PROFESSIONAL AND CLIENT-CENTRIC Renter • Financial District, Manhattan, New York, NY

“Very professional and client-centric. Great follow-up all the time. James prepared a list of rental choices based on personal preferences. He also showed flexibility when I modified my preferenceson as I was getting more knowledgeable a out the rental market in NYC. -Courier Theisen”
James Manning Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

In short, if you have the opportunity to work with Jenny, you're in luck Renter • New York City

“I am not a New York-native, so the broker system is both foreign and frustrating to me. However, Jenny makes it worth your time. She's kind, approachable, and not at all pushy (I gave her my price range and desire-list, and she did NOT show me "just a hundred over my monthly rental limit"). She showed me absolutely everything in the limited area in which I was interested. She knows the supers, she knows the area, and she knows prices. Whats more, Jenny keeps the hours of an on-call surgeon. Although I was far from her highest-commission client on her list, she responded to each and every call and text-- even those placed at unreasonable hours-- almost immediately. I was on a tight time budget, and she devoted an incredible amount of time to me. She works her butt off, and I am so, so happy with my current apartment (which, by the way, I made her show me several times, after other indecisive double-takes). She is genuinely patient, personable, and knowledgeable. In short, if you have the opportunity to work with Jenny, you're in luck. She's fantastic and is a credit to the broker system. I couldn't have found this apartment, this quickly (or at all!) without her. -Sam M” Read More ▾
Jenny Fitch Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

She is so much more than a real estate agent Buyer

“We are moving from Europe to Boca Raton, so, it is not an easy process. Carole has just been outstanding in finding us a great home and making the whole process so smooth. She is so much more than a real estate agent; she cares and she does very professional work with excellent follow through. No surprises with Carole.”
Carole Armstrong Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

VERY HELPFUL Buyer • New York City

“Our experience with Sindi was great, from orienting us with New York, helping us get cell numbers, setting up bank accounts and most importantly, finding us a great apartment. Sindi was very helpful before we even arrived in NYC, sending us sample apartments in our price range. Once we arrived, Sindi made the apartment hunting process fun rather than daunting, and on a single day showed us heaps of apartments in our price range and in our preferred neighbourhood. Finally finding us a great place right where we wanted to live. Alec R.” Read More ▾
Sindi Schorr Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, CRP


“Thank you again for helping me find and sign a lease on my first apartment in New York. I certainly appreciated your candid and straightforward approach to this process, and I think this particular place was quite a find! Thanks again, Nik”
Alexander Gross Licensed Real Estate Salesperson