Nailah Graves-Manns is truly her parents’ child. After conquering her childhood dreams of following in her father’s footsteps in working within the fashion industry as national representative for notable brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Kenneth Cole, she has set her sights on following in her mother’s heels in the real estate industry. As a child, Nailah, frequently accompanied her father on his business trips to the Big Apple and knew that someday she would reside in this great city. However, she did not have the foresight to know that she would not be an official New Yorker until after she lived in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. She has even spent years in smaller cities such as Greensboro, NC. As a transplant, she understands adjustment and prides herself on putting people at ease so that the experience of buying, selling or renting is relaxing yet an exciting experience. Nailah utilizes her B.A. Degree in Theater Arts and Speech Communications combined with her previous career in visual merchandising to help clients creatively conceptualize their perfect home. Her retail background has also fortified her expertise in the art of negotiation. Resourceful by nature, Nailah, always knows what is right around the corner and how to get to it. She’s a firm believer that New York City is a place where families can thrive as she is raising her son in this celebrated city. Outside of real estate, Nailah, is a sponge for knowledge and has a particular interest in global affairs and religion with an affinity for journalism. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, Nailah, will use her wealth of knowledge, determination and optimism to help you find the best property.