As senior global advisor and key member of DJK’s commercial division, Allan specializes in both boutique and AAA buildings, retail and office leasing, shopping centers and hotels. He takes pride in finding under the radar, off market properties and bringing them to the market, while simultaneously garnering leads from some of the most prestigious agencies in the world. HIs referral base is comprised of a network of clients spanning the globe, both domestic and offshore, with a portfolio including properties and investment worth up to $1 billion.


A long-time owner of a major manufacturing company in Manhattan’s Garment District, where he worked with some of the largest and most prestigious chain stores and private label companies, Allan has an unsurpassed understanding of the commercial real estate industry. After 18 years in real estate, his invaluable experience and people skills have greatly contributed to his success.  


Extremely passionate about the industry, Allan takes great pride in his work and in seeing DJK’s commercial division develop, succeed, and grow. He is exceptionally accommodating and dedicated to client needs, and always strives to meet their criteria and expectations at the highest standards. He attributes many of his accomplishments at the company to the collaborative dynamic with the seasoned residential brokers.