Property Management

Property Management Services

DJK Property Management is a division of DJK – a full service residential and commercial brokerage servicing New York and New Jersey, with headquarters at 101 Fifth Ave (Union Sq) and offices in Downtown Manhattan and Hoboken, NJ.

We specialize in managing apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, and homes. Our clients include individual owners, associations and investors. DJK believes in a hands on approach with its clients. No matter what is needed, we strive to bring the highest value to the customer and ensure that all aspects have been covered.

As a SIRVA Company, DJK is in the unique position to bring to the table the expertise and backing of a multi-million dollar group with offices throughout the world and a global support system from IT to legal and accounting.  We can deliver any customers needs at any given time with increased speed and efficiency. With a full support staff and state of the art systems, our professional team at DJK Property Management has the answers to all management and real estate needs that might arise.

Specializing in New York City and North New Jersey – DJK currently manages individual units for owners, as well as rental buildings and condominium associations. Our team of experts will assist our clients with all aspects of the asset from day to day operations to budgeting, maintenance plans, future expenditures (CAPEX) and achieving the owners’ goals. Our staff includes experienced property managers, asset managers, back office accountants, maintenance crews and engineering experts. With the backing of a brokerage firm from the leading in New York and constant flow of clients from both the retail and relocation arena – DJK Property Management, along with DJK Residential, has the ability to manage and maximize the potential of any property!



  • Leasing - Whether it’s on-site or off-site leasing for long term, short term, corporate housing or more; DJK has all the leasing solutions to meet your needs. Each tenant is screened and approved by our system with all details and background verified. This system can be customized for each individual owner’s specifications.


  • Accounting - DJK Management compiles monthly, quarterly and annual reports for the owner to be able to track income and expenses. Additionally, at any given time, a snapshot report can be generated. We work together with our clients to customize our reporting to each client’s needs.


  • Budgeting - DJK Management works hand in hand with the owner in creating the operating budgets for each year. In addition, our team is experienced in budgeting for condominiums and cooperatives.


  • Advertising - Geared mainly for income-producing properties.  DJK’s team is experienced in advertising and leasing up a property from  0% to 100% occupancy.   Lease ups  for  new  projects  and rehab projects.   Advertising   shall include:  print  to local brokers, online and more. Our brokerage arm shall also assist with this, as well as our corporate housing and relocation departments.


  • Asset Management - DJK’s team is experienced in asset management of income-producing properties, both residential and commercial. This service is customized for investors needing special asset management services.


  • Compliance - DJK’s management team will ensure that your asset is in full compliance with all the City and State requirements – we specialize in both New York City/State and New Jersey Regions.


  • Maintenance / Planning ahead - DJK believes in being proactive. Consequently, we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure short term and long term maintenance plans are in place to eliminate the “surprise” factor as much as possible.


  • Inspections - The DJK Management team, in addition to creating short term and long term maintenance plans, conducts routine inspections and works with the local municipality in assuring that all inspections pass.


  • Purchasing / Selling - Our team of asset management specialists will assist our clients in analyzing new purchases and dispositions. In addition, a special commission structure is guaranteed for DJK Management clients through DJK Residential and DJK Commercial Realty.


  • Insurance - One of our strong suits is buying the right insurance for the right customer.  We help our clients bid out their insurance needs to the correct insurance carriers. In addition, through being backed by a global company like SIRVA Relocation and buying insurance for many of our clients, we are able to maximize savings not only by bidding it out but also by volume of insurance we purchase every year.


  • Legal - Another advantage of being a part of SIRVA Relocation, having an in house legal department. This service is available to our clients and will be customized on a case by case basis.


  • Association Management - Our staff takes pride in their extensive experience in creating and converting to condominiums. In addition, our staff is highly experienced in association management and on-site management.  This unique service is available to associations looking for new approach in the association management field. We feel that the managing agent is an essential part of the association.


DJK Property Management welcomes the opportunity to serve property management needs and we will customize the above services to fit your specific requirements.